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I am curently a Cell and Molecular Biology PhD candidate at the Univeristy of Texas at Austin in Dr. Jon Pierce-Shimomura's lab. My main research project is determining the neuromolecular basis for humidity sensation in the roundworm C. elegans.






October 2012

A science education outreach project I have developed over the past couple years "Present your PhD thesis to a 12-year-old" was featured on The Univeristy of Texas at Austin homepage this month. I also presented a poster of this project at The Society for Neuroscience Symposium this month in New Orleans.


October 2011

I was part of a event put on by Hung Studios. It was great to get to show some of my paintings to some new people.


April 2011

It was a pleasure to be part of this year's Texas Leadership Society Luncheon. Scan of info-card here. I enjoyed the opportunity to present my research, art and outreach projects to the University of Texas at Austin's donors.


January 2011

The Graduate School posted a short feature on my art, research, and educational outreach projects on their website this month.

I presented my hygrotaxis research at the UT Neuroscience Symposium this month. It was called "Uncovering the molecular and cellular basis for hygrosensation in C. elegans. I am happy to send copies of the poster to interested people who e-mail me.


November 2010

The science education outreach group some friends and I started will now be partnering with Austin Partners in Education and Martin Middle School for the 2010-2011 school year. We will be presenting one PhD thesis per month through May. I presented the project overview to two 7th grade science classes. The students will be rating the presentation and therby determining which of the presentors has the "coolest" PhD thesis.


October 2010

Some friends and I presented our PhD thesis at the Austin Science and Engineering Festival. It was an interesting challenge to present my humidity sensation research without using one graph! There were a number of kids there below 10 who surprised me with how quick their reasoning is. A video of my presentation is here.


September 2010

I am excited to now be the official Cell and Molecuar Biology representative at the UT Graduate Student Assembly. I signed up to be on the student affairs committee and am looking forward to learning about student government.


August 2010

The School for Biological Sciences at UT puts out a calendar every academic year.  This year they choose to include a number of my scanning electron micrographs.  The images are part of a larger series of objects found on my porch. A picture of some of them used for October 2010 is here.


July 2010

I just got back from a research conference focued on the nervous system of the small roundworm C. elegans. It was exciting because it was the first time I presented my research outside of UT. My poster was called "Development of a Novel Hygrotaxis Assay for C. elegans."


June 2010

On June 10th I gave a presentation on my art and education outreach efforts at the Cactus Cafe. After seeing many amazing musical shows there it was strange to be onstage giving a talk. I was invited to speak by the "Science in the Pub"discussion series. A video of the talk is here. Warning, the mic cuts in and out at points.


April 2010

I have two good pieces of news to share.  First I  received an "unconditional pass" on my preliminary exam. This means that I have finished the classroom portion of the program and can now concentrate on my research.  Now it is up to me to get my research published. Click on the title below to bring up a word document of my proposal.

"A synaptic vesicle-associated calcium channel is essential for endocytosis in Caenorhabditis elegans."

Also, I was awarded a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. 


March 2010

I just wanted to share this silk-screen poster I designed for the Section of Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology at my school, the University of Texas. It was my first time to design something to be silk-screened and I enjoyed it. The friendly folks at Bearded Lady guided me through!  A scan of the poster is here.


January 2010

I am excited to have three of my paintings featured in the upcoming University of Texas Neuroscience graduate student symposium at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center [Poster| Program]. All the paintings were inspired by the neuroscience class I took last fall and done over the winter break. 


July 2009

I have completed my first year in the Cellular and Molecular Biology PhD program. Having had the opportunity to rotate with four labs and work on many interesting projects. I've especially was fascinated by my project in Dr. Jon Pierce-Shimomura's lab.  The goal is to determine the genes and neurons involved in sensing atmospheric moisture.  Although the basic neuromolecular mechanisms for the detection of light, sound, taste, olfaction, and even temperature have been identified, the molecular basis for how a nervous system senses moisture remains almost completely unknown. It amazing that such an essential sense has remained a mystery! Hopefully my research will start the process of identifying the key molecules needed.


February 2008

The University of Texas College of Natural Sciences magazine "FOCUS on Science" just published a short interview with me. A scan of it is here.

Also, It looks like I'm going to be staying in Austin for the next 4-6 years. I have also accepted an offer to attend graduate school in the Cellular and Molcelular Biology program at The Univeristy of Texas.


January 2008

New Audio Release

The label Quiet Design just released some of my material. To check it out go here

Here's what Vital Weekly had to say about it

"JOSH RUSSELL - SINK (CD by Quiet Design)
Sometimes things are not what they seem to be. And sometimes they are. When I popped in this new release by Josh Russell, I thought we were dealing with the same person who presented microsound compilations on his own Bremstrahlung label but the sound coming out of my speakers weren't certainly microsounding at all. Loud, skipping, almost earthly sounds. Damaged speakers? Damaging speakers? Can't be the same, right? But yes, it's the same person. I checked the press message, and yes, it's him. He has a background in biochemistry and microscopy research, and 'Sink', while loud, may represent a bit of that background. It sounds like a chemistry lab, with obscure fluids being boiled, amplified and brought alive. Or looking through the looking glass and see lots of similar bacteria crawling about - it's them singing on this release. Russell puts on quite an amount of amplification to let you hear them. His loudest record to date, it says. Is he deliberately trying to break out of the microsound world? I hope so, since this sounds great. It has all the trade marks of microsound (minimal, glitch, plug ins, hey maybe even field recordings), but it's so much louder. In the dead end alley that microsound has become it's good to see someone trying to change things and Russell does a really fine job on 'Sink'. Excellently produced with a finer sense of detail in the entire sound range, moving about and varied. Rather one piece divided in ten steps than ten different pieces. The future of microsound has started. (FdW) Address: "

I also decided to put up a myspace music page. I thought it'd be a great place to put up unpublished material. Click here   


November 2007

The Chemical Engineering department is having a reception for the pictures i installed in their graduate student lounge on Tuesday November 13th from 3:30pm - 5pm. It's in the 1st floor of the CPE building. Here's a map. If you'd like detailed directions please e-mail me.


August 2007

The University of Texas newspaper "The Daily Texan" published a review of the "Data and Micrographs" show in the Molecular Biology building on campus. A scan of it is here.

The magazine Monk Mink Pink Punk has included one of my paintings in its latest edition, #12. The first link goes to the archives of this magazine. Focusing primarily on avant-garde music and sound-art via in-depth interviews and essays this magazine is full of fascinating information you won't find anywhere else. A must read!

The Chemical Engineering department at the Univeristy of Texas has commissioned as series of paintings for their soon to be renovated graduate student lounge. They should be up by October 18th.

The Austin Chronicle, Austin's weekly newpaper had a short photo and blurb on SIRSIT, an ensemble I'm involved in and published by the net-label i run TRANS>PARENT RADIATION. The release is avaliable for free download here. A scan of the article is here.

The German experimental audio magazine Tokafi has published an interview of me here.


May 2007

I just finished up an interview with the German experimental music e-zine Tokafi which should be posted soon on thier site.

The Institute for Cellular and Molecular Biology at the Univeristy of Texas will be hosting an exhibiton entitled "Data and Micrographs" of my mixed media and paintings in their core facilities from May to September 2007.


January 2007

This website is up!

The German experimental music e-zine Tokafi picked my FOR album as their featured release in Jan 2007. Their review (in English) of it is here. Since this release is now out of print, I've made it avaliable for download on this site in the audio section.